Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Replacement of safety fuses

Replacement of safety fuses

The majority of safety fuses and some relays are installed in interior of the car at the left under a sterring wheel. The block of safety fuses and the relay is located from the left back party{side} of a motor compartment for damping rack. Before replacement of a safety lock{fuse} or the relay switch off ignition and all consumers of the electric power (for example, a radio receiver).

1. A tweezers (is in a cover of the block of safety fuses) or flat-nose pliers cautiously get fused safety fuse from the holder.
2. Insert in the holder the new safety fuse calculated on the same force of a current. Keep up correct installation of a safety fuse.
3. If the new safety fuse at once will fuse, you check up, maybe, have installed the fuse calculated on smaller force of a current of protection. If the installed safety fuse will fuse again, check up the electric circuit protected by a safety fuse

guide to ford fuse box diagram

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