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Replacement of safety fuses

Replacement of safety fuses

The majority of safety fuses and some relays are installed in interior of the car at the left under a sterring wheel. The block of safety fuses and the relay is located from the left back party{side} of a motor compartment for damping rack. Before replacement of a safety lock{fuse} or the relay switch off ignition and all consumers of the electric power (for example, a radio receiver).

1. A tweezers (is in a cover of the block of safety fuses) or flat-nose pliers cautiously get fused safety fuse from the holder.
2. Insert in the holder the new safety fuse calculated on the same force of a current. Keep up correct installation of a safety fuse.
3. If the new safety fuse at once will fuse, you check up, maybe, have installed the fuse calculated on smaller force of a current of protection. If the installed safety fuse will fuse again, check up the electric circuit protected by a safety fuse

guide to ford fuse box diagram

Safety Fuses in interior and a motor compartment

ford fuse box diagram

Safety Fuses in interior and a motor compartment

In car Fiesta safety fuse are used for protection of electric circuits against overloads and short circuits. If additional consumers of the electric power are connected to an electric circuit or because of malfunction there is a short circuit (that represents not that other as excessively increased course of a current), the electric circuit is overloaded. If the current exceeds the certain admissible size, safety fuses simply interrupt current of a current. Thus they interfere with occurrence of damages to the car, for example ignition of wires. In car Fiesta flat safety fuses in which in case of an overload the fusible string fuses are installed. The safety fuse carries out the function and in that case when already completely loaded electric networks are overloaded with additional consumers, for example, modern musical installations, speaker and is inadmissible powerful lamps. Vacuum cleaners and refrigerators which you include in lighter, can sometimes serve as the reason burnout the fuse. In case of need equip the car with a separate electric network for the additional electric equipment and, accordingly, install the fuse. To exclude possible unpleasant consequences, address to the automobile electrician who will lay necessary wires (section not less than 1,5 мм2) and will instal a necessary safety fuse.

Protection of various electric circuits
That your car at malfunction in an electric equipment has not remained completely without the electric power, engineers of company Ford have allocated consumers on various electric circuits. Management of the engine and the majority of powerful units have the electric circuit. Minor consumers of the electric power are collected in various electric circuits, each of which is protected by the fuse. The circuits connecting a starter, the storage battery, the generator and the switch of ignition are not protected by safety fuses only: here constantly there is a full voltage of the storage battery.

Observe extra care at work with electric circuits: first always disconnect wires from plugs of the storage battery! Otherwise serious damages and ignitions of wires down to a fire in the car are inevitable.

The safety fuses used in car Fiesta
In holders of safety fuses are inserted so-called flat safety fuses. In the transparent plastic case fuse out two flat contacts connected among themselves by a fusible conductor. You find out fused fuse on the broken off fusible conductor. Often underside of the plastic case happens damaged or melted off.
Color of safety fuses
From a underside of each safety fuse value of force of a current (A) is specified. Color of a safety fuse also meets to value of a protected current.
Color of a safety fuse Force of a current, And
Violet............................................. 3
Brown.......................................... 7,5
Red ..............................................10
Dark blue .....................................15
Yellow ...........................................20
Transparent................................. 25
Green ...........................................30

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Central lock and the signal system

ford fuse box diagram

If suddenly native the central lock and the signal system have ceased to react to radio-frequency remote control though before all worked also a battery in a key normal, and a key all that opens and closed and put on protection, possibly, the mode of remote control was blocked. The reason - incorrect actions on statement (removal) on protection (for example, the car is closed and put on the signal system about remote control, and it is opened by a key), internal failure.

Before to address on service, it is possible to try following actions.
In a box with safety fuses under the instrument panel to pull out and insert back safety fuses 25 (20А) and 28 (30А) which are responsible for the central lock and the signal system. Be pulled out should both, then insert. On some updatings instead of 25-th it is necessary to take out 26-th (specify on a manual assignment of a safety fuse).

And here the recommendation of service Ford for this case: " To unblock it is possible as follows: 5 times to switch on and off ignition by a key about remote control. After fifth time in the car " the gong " should sound. After a gong to press on a key any of buttons. Remote control should earn. If all the same it will not turn out, it is necessary to remove the minus plug from the accumulator for the period of the order of 5 minutes. After that to repeat procedure. If also the second attempt has terminated in failure address on the service center."

But removal of the plug from the accumulator entails conversion training a computer so it is better to pull out safety fuses.

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The relay and safety fuses

The relay and safety fuses the COMMON DATA

In the main block of safety fuses and the relay can be installed by the relay:

- N I: safe start of the engine (blocking of a starter) in cars with an automatic box of transfers.;
- N II: a sound signal;
- N III: headlights of a passing light;
- N IV: headlights of a headlight;
- N V: forward antifog headlights;
- N VI: electric opening of back doors of a body;
- N VII: programmator an operating mode of brushes of a windscreen;
- N VIII: brushes of headlights;
- N IX: a control bulb not strap seat belts;
- N X: the switch of ignition;
- N XI: programmator an operating mode of a brush of back glass;
- N XII: the temporary switch of illumination of interior of the car;
- N XIII: heating of back glass and an external mirror of a back kind with automatic deenergizing.

In an impellent compartment in the additional block of the relay (between the top fastening of the right rack of a suspension bracket and the accumulator) there can be a relay:

- Heating of an inlet collector;
- Deenergizings the module of management by ignition ESC II and the step-by-step engine of a regulator of idling;
- air conditioning devices with a safety fuse 15 And.

In an impellent compartment there can be a relay of the gauge of number of turns of the engine.

In the block under the forward panel from the right side (between an average part of the forward panel and a ware box) there can be following relays:

- Start of the warm engine (engines with injection);
- The control of a luminescence of bulbs;
- The central lock;
- The precautionary indicator of the index.

About an arm of a steering column there can be following safety fuses:

- Indexes of turn and emergency fires;
- Heating forward seats;
- The additional fan of a radiator;
- The aerial set in motion electrically;
- Electric lifts of glasses.


The block of safety fuses is placed in an impellent compartment on the left side of a face-to-face partition.

The list of safety fuses

N (see fig. the Block of safety fuses and the relay). Force of a current (A) the Protected contour 1 30 Electric lifts of glasses. 2 30 heating of back glass and mirrors of a back kind. 3 10 hours, programmator a screen wiper of a windscreen, a bulb of use of fuel (econometre), the central lock, the module of the graphic information. 4 30 Engines of the fan, a screen wiper of back glass, the pump of a washer of a windscreen. 5 30 screen wipers and washers of headlights, a lantern of a backing. 6 15 sound signal (the button on a sterring wheel). 7 15 Headlights of a headlight. 8 10 Engine of a screen wiper of a windscreen. 9 15 indexes of turn, lanterns of braking. 10 15 forward antifog headlights. 11 30 blockings of doors of back of a body, the central blocking of doors. 12 25 illuminations of a luggage carrier, heating of seats, the temporary switch of illumination of interior, digital hours, a lighter. 13 10 emergency fires, a sound signal (the button in the multipurpose switch). 14 10 Left headlight of a headlight. 15 10 right headlight of a headlight. 16 10 left headlight of a passing light. 17 10 right headlight of a passing light. 18 10 right forward and back dimensional fires, illumination of a ware box and a combination of devices. 19 10 illumination of the switch of antifog headlights, forward and back dimensional fires, illumination of an impellent compartment and number tablets. 20 15 Additional fan of system of cooling of the engine.

The warning

The main block of safety fuses and the relay is in a back part of an impellent compartment from the left side.
Besides on separate wires there are following safety fuses:

- The main safety fuse (nearby 55) - a wire (+) the accumulator;
- A radio receiver (2 And; 2,5 And or 3,15) - on a wire of a feed or behind the case of a radio receiver (behind the forward panel).

guide to ford fuse box diagram

fuse on heating of back glass

Do not prompt what fuse on heating of back glass?
Where it in the fuse box?
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