Thursday, December 4, 2008

Central lock and the signal system

ford fuse box diagram

If suddenly native the central lock and the signal system have ceased to react to radio-frequency remote control though before all worked also a battery in a key normal, and a key all that opens and closed and put on protection, possibly, the mode of remote control was blocked. The reason - incorrect actions on statement (removal) on protection (for example, the car is closed and put on the signal system about remote control, and it is opened by a key), internal failure.

Before to address on service, it is possible to try following actions.
In a box with safety fuses under the instrument panel to pull out and insert back safety fuses 25 (20А) and 28 (30А) which are responsible for the central lock and the signal system. Be pulled out should both, then insert. On some updatings instead of 25-th it is necessary to take out 26-th (specify on a manual assignment of a safety fuse).

And here the recommendation of service Ford for this case: " To unblock it is possible as follows: 5 times to switch on and off ignition by a key about remote control. After fifth time in the car " the gong " should sound. After a gong to press on a key any of buttons. Remote control should earn. If all the same it will not turn out, it is necessary to remove the minus plug from the accumulator for the period of the order of 5 minutes. After that to repeat procedure. If also the second attempt has terminated in failure address on the service center."

But removal of the plug from the accumulator entails conversion training a computer so it is better to pull out safety fuses.

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